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March 15, 2016

Automated Output Management (AOM)

Automated Output Management (AOM) is a comprehensive approach to streamline the process of creating, issuing and archiving business documents. In an information-driven world with a constantly evolving communications landscape, it is now more important than ever for organizations to automate and simplify output management. But that is difficult to do if you rely on redundant workflows, disparate pockets of technology and proprietary formats. Indeed, from data to composition, to delivery and archive; critical and complex steps in the output process often impact bottom-line performance factors like operating cost, customer service and regulatory compliance. 

Our AOM solutions focus on streamlining workflows in the output process. We automate the steps surrounding data capture and receipt, document composition and reengineering, channel management and presentment, and archive and retention. Our solutions make it easy to adapt to innovations in multi-channel communications and add new channels as they are introduced. Companies today need new levels of flexibility and interoperability to remain competitive, so we work intently to address those pressing needs. Whether you need to migrate to multi-channel, output documents from disparate ECM systems, build an ADF, or output in alternative formats, our solutions give you the flexibility and interoperability needed to truly automate and improve the process. 

In addition, like all CrawfordTech solutions, our AOM solution is built on an open architecture, which means your operations are not tied to a specific piece of hardware or a proprietary system. This approach provides the most flexible, scalable and long lasting solution for your critical CCM environment.


  1. Automate from data from composition to output
  2. Remove redundant workflows
  3. Unify output management no matter what the format
  4. Support components like ADF, ECM, Archive, Multi-Channel, and more
  5. Eliminate cost barriers to automation
  6. Improve Productivity
  7. Reduce Operating Costs
  8. Open architecture for flexible integration

Our Automated Output Solutions let you respond to changing customer preference toward multi-channel communications while streamlining and improving the processes surrounding automated printing and mailing, ECM output, archive and retention, and document accessibility.

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