Nirva - A Reflection About Where is the Market is Going

October 17, 2013
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By Olivier Lebleu, co-founder at Nirva Software

Since the summer vacation period ended (so not so long ago), I have been asked by several print providers where the market was going? Did I see any trends?

While I hesitated to answer I realised that indeed there was very little visibility and that trends for the short term were not clear, neither for marketing nor business documents management. But in fact there are so many things happening that it was difficult to single out one of them.

A difficult market

General business inEuropeis slow, to say the least. So companies are all trying to get the best out of their existing clients, to recruit new ones, sometimes very far from their traditional base. So more marketing is needed but on the other side pressures for cost reductions force companies to look into electronic delivery for both marketing and business documents.

The result is that print volumes are decreasing inEuropeso print providers are entering into a vicious circle where to feed their printer and get more volume, they reduce their prices.

The key for service providers

So I believe that the key for print service providers today is:

  • To move away from pure printing and truly start managing "information flows". To bring value with information and get away from "price considerations".
  • To bring the ability for users or business applications that send out documents to simply, automatically and intelligently be able to extract data from the document and, based on that data, define in real time whether the document should bare a (transpromo) message, a specific attachment, a signature, whether it needs to be validated and finally be sent via post, email, fax, or to an electronic safe.
  • To accompany their clients in the international expansion. Forget local markets, think at least european if not global.

This is the condition today to bring value to clients. Now I am sure many of you will tell me that this is easy. That you propose such solutions.

But is it really easy to implement? Do you need to charge important set-up costs to your clients to set-up the solution for them? Do you allow them to define those routing rules themselves, without your technical knowledge? Most of the clients that we meet tell us that they still rely on change management, on internal or external technical resources to reach the benefits promised. And they do not want this anymore. They want to be independent in defining their rules. They want their users to be able to define how they are sending a document on a case by case basis. They want to automatically be able to secure the process with precise traceability, archiving, validation, etc.

So they want print providers' capacity to produce professional documents in real time and are ready to pay for service, value, security.

If you would like to know how Nirva is helping print service providers, but also large organisations, hop back onto a virtuous business circle, please contact us at olivier.lebleu@nirva-software.com or +33 6 87 83 69 22.

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