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January 12, 2015
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I thought that it would be a good idea to give a brief introduction to GI Solutions and their capabilities in this first editorial.

Jarrod GreenBy Jarrod Green, Business Development Manager, GI Solutions

Has your provider made the right investments?

All clients want to attain the highest levels of value from their printed transactional communications and some providers have been investing extensively in their infrastructure to deliver this.

This makes GI Solutions different to our competition as we have invested over £4.5m in our infrastructure recently; however we do believe we differentiate ourselves in the market by providing our customers with class-leading technology and processes that make us more attractive.

New technology enables faster and cheaper output to be produced at higher levels of quality than ever seen before.

Here we look at the ways technology has improved the process and the benefits our customers are enjoying:

We ensure 100% integrity through total control of data and workflow

Handshaking with our clients and managing output files through to their designated channel is optimised through the utilisation of GI Solutions’ Core Transactional Management System (CTMS).

It has been developed to automate and control data receipt and validation; data processing; print optimisation, output reconciliation, plus much more. A diagram below shows the headline capabilities:

GI Solutions Graph1

The key to this design was the creation of a “control” database to which all processes pass information about the data (metadata) and from which all processes receive configuration and processing instructions. The main features include:

  • All document types (templates) are held centrally, including component detail, status and all stock levels.
  • Rules for streaming documents are defined to enable the most efficient production process.
  • A common interface is provided for the transfer and storage of metadata and application data, which enables delivery of common reporting formats.
  • Separate processing modules are written to process data and compose the document pages.
  • Each new data type submitted simply requires a new processing module to be added without changing the core configuration, streaming and reporting systems

GI Solutions are embarking on compiling and distributing further articles relating to our industry, technology, services and legislation. Further updates will be provided through OutputLinks UK or you can access our blog through the following link:


A saving of up to 70% in time and effort transforming your documents

GI Solutions’ core platform for managing customer data and documents is based on GMC Inspire. Gartner and Forrester Research are global research and advisory companies who have both recently stated that GMC Inspire is the leading data and document composition platform in the market today.

Some of the key features include:

  • A saving of up to 70% in development effort can be achieved when compared to other systems. Legacy applications do not need to be built from scratch and can be set up easily to benefit from colour and variable elements.
  • Control and management of multiple output channels can be delivered through a single system
  • Any data source can be utilised and managed to provide social media integration, customer preference management, analytics and segmentation
  • Client stakeholders are able to directly access all content and independently proof, change and test any and all applications across an entire enterprise
  • Consumer experience can be improved through archival of all output streams being automated, enabling stakeholders, customer service representatives and call-centres to access

Greater customer engagement with high quality digital print

Digital printing has probably gone through the greatest evolution in the market over the last few years.

Colour quality and cost-effectiveness are the most important aspects to ensure documents are as engaging as possible without breaking the bank.

GI Solutions has recently invested over £3m in two HP T230 digital printing presses which are fast and produce high quality output, which is perfect for colour-matching brand guidelines and messaging content:

The headlines of the presses capabilities are:

  • Full colour cyan, magenta, yellow and black inkjet using water-based pigment inks
  • Up to 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Over 2,000,000 A4 duplex can be produced per day
  • Multiple media types can be used including coated and uncoated stock between 60 and 215gsm

GI Solutions2

Improving communications by personalising the outer envelope in-line

Tailoring your message to your customers’ tastes and preferences will let you stand out against your competitors, delivering better response rates and increased customer engagement.

Reducing reliance on pre-printed stationery is now something of the past to a large extent through the migration of many client requirements to full colour digital print. However, most providers in the UK market are unable to merge primary documents with dynamically printed full colour outers in the same stream.

GI Solutions’ ‘paper wrapping’ technology creates an envelope from a digitally printed reel of paper allowing you to vary each copy – so different brands, messages and images can be printed in a single print file. Our recent investment in these state-of-the art lines enables us to produce over 1.4 million items per day.

By producing the primary documents inside an outer envelope in a single process means you get a cheaper product, with maximum postage optimisation and no need for separate envelopes or enclosing streams.

Regulatory requirements increase and it is vital to be able to demonstrate that there is an audit trail from receipt of data to mail. Using the GI Solutions robust system means every record is tracked through the company using a closed loop system. The process is driven by a 2d barcode read into and out of the system. This barcode also records spoils which are returned to the print queue for 100% mailing.

For further information on these topics please contact Jarrod Green – jarrod.green@gi-solutionsgroup.co.uk.



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